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CG: Grays v. Barkmans (Alissa, Nicole, Rita, Beverly & Angie)

R1: Name something that’s described as a maneater:

#2: Woman (17)(Alissa)
#5: Bear (5)(Debi)

Barkmans: Dog, shark (TA- 34), job, piranha (T5), stress
Debi Steal: Lion- #3 (13)

#4: Tiger (11)
BA: Alligator/croc. (4)

R2: Name something you might keep in your desk drawer if you’re having an office affair:

#1: Condoms (48)(Tracy)
#6: Cologne/perfume (4)(Nicole)

Grays: Change of clothes (T2- 8), booze, (hand) towels, (room) key(s)
Alissa Steal: Credit cards

T2: Lover’s phone #
T4: Breath mints & love letters (5 each)

Double: Name someone you’ve hung up on:

#1: Salesperson (46)(Amy)

Grays: Bill collector (BA- 4), spouse/mate (#3- 13), children, in-laws, coworkers
Alissa Steal #2: Friends

#2: Mom (15)
Un-given BA: Ex

TRIPLE: Name something Angelina Jolie has a lot of:

#1: Kids (28)(Sherry)

Grays: $ (#2- 26), clothes/shoes, tattoos, sexy looks/body (#3- 24) & movies
Alissa Steal to Move to SD: Homes (Left: Fame/fans- 4)

#1: On the scale, how successful would you be at parenting EIGHT children?
#2: Something women wear that’s made w/ elastic.
#3: Something you think kids do too much of these days.
#4: Tell me one specific food that’s your favorite for breakfast.
#5: A place people always run to get into.

Amy: 8 (9), bra (19), drinking (4), toast & work (37)
Ashley: 5 (14), undies (24), screaming, eggs (24) & school
Unsaid #1s: 1, watching TV & cereal/oatmeal


Comments on: "“Family Feud”- 12TH S.F." (1)

  1. jpgenius said:

    Another 🚗 win? Good job Grays! (And his one was a shutout…)

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