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Before the merger feast could take place, one member from each tribe had to opt out of that. Otherwise, they would have to settle for eating an individual cracker & having a swig of iced tea.
OPTED OUT- Brad & Tai

IC #8: While standing, their job would be to balance a block wedged between their head & the top of the frame.
W- Andrea


TC #8: Zeke was safe w/ two votes…Michaela had four…but on the jury first w/ eight was Hali.

RC #7: Divided into two teams, the players would get a net filled w/ wooden fish. Those fish had to be untied & hooked onto the poles. When the hooked fish were brought to the finish, a puzzle needed to be solved w/ those fish. The reward was a day of luxury.
OT: Sarah, Brad, Aubry, Michaela, Cirie & Sierra
BT Cpt.: Andrea

IC #9: It was just that clean- hang onto a pole.
W- Tai

TC #9: While on Exile Island, Debbie found the advantage of recording an additional vote & decided to use it on this TC. On both of her votes, she voted against Ozzy…that man was the 2nd jury member.


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