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“Family Feud” 5/24/11

M-U: Grays v. Thameses (Jeremiah, Dasie, Brandon, Tia & Alex)

R1 (married women): If your hubby asked for a DIVORCE on Sun. night, what’s the first thing you’d do Mon. morning?:

#1: See lawyer/file (35)(Debi)

Grays: Clean out bank (#4- 10), call mom, shopping, go out w/ girls
Jeremiah Steal: Find marriage counselor

#2: Leave home (17)
#3: Kick him out (12)
#5: Change locks (7)
#6: Ask him why (4)
BAs: KILL him & get new guy (3 each)

R2 (married women): Name something you wish your hubby WASN’T so comfortable doing around you: 

#1: Cutting the cheese (32)(Tracy)

Grays: Belching/burping (T4- 11), picking teeth, nose-picking (BA- 8), scratching (#2- 22), going potty, checking women out
Jeremiah Steal #2: Being NUDE- T4 (Remained: Using bad words- 12)

Double: Name something a dog walker WOULDN’T like about their job:

#1: Picking up poop (79)(Amy)

Grays: Bities, hair all over, climate/weather (#5- 3), pulled/tangled around
Jeremiah Steal #3: Having a hyper dog

T2: Walking, big dogs & low pay (4 a pop)
BA: Smell

TRIPLE: Name something you turn off at the end of the day:

#1: Lights/lamp (53)(Tia)
#2: TVs (32)(Sherry)

Thameses: Phones, computers (#3- 9), stove & water
Debi Steal for Win #2 or Tickets Home: Mind/brain (3)

#1: Acc. to single men, tell me the longest you’ve gone w/o cleaning the toilet.
#2: An animal w/ a rough hide.
#3: Something every woman wants for her very own.
#4: A magazine you trust to get the real scoop.
#5: An occasion when parents might raise a toast to their child.

Amy: Wk. (27), alligator (11), husband (15), People (31) & wedding (47)
Ashley: NEVER, pig (3), engagement ring (18), Cosmopolitan & graduation (36)
Unsaid #1s: Elephant & home


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