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Team: Bruce & Mario
Rejected 1st: Jurassic Cat bookmark- $120
Rejected 2nd: #2- Pool table rm. ($3,845)
Rejected Last: BIG BOX- Trip to The Sands ($8,786)
#1- BULL island & Patio Heaven furn. ($6,770)

Justin: #2- ROCK
Victoria: #3- PAPER

C: Volkswagen Jetta

Tatanisha: $1K (SE)- “Cause I’m ZONKY”
Carly: SB- Cactus toys
Barbara: #2- $7K CASH (BV)

TDG: Vanessa
Q: If you were to write a book about your prize, what would the title be?
FD: #1- Trip to Hotel Continental Palacete (#3: Office = $4,144)


0 to 80: Gabriella
C: Toyota Corolla
D: (10), (30), (20) &…(S!)

Check Trios:
Thomas: $ (#3)- $35.00, $350.00 & $3.5K (#3: Bad Buick)
Daphne: SB- Diamond necklace ($4,800)($200.00, $20.00 & $2.00)

PD #2

BD (Barbara):
SD (#2): Kitchen ($4,199)
MD (#3): Honda CB500X
BD (#1): KIA Soul + beach sports gear ($3,748)- W

SOLE AIRED QD (another Barbara): Remembering each Z (T)- GOT THE CAR & CACTUS TOYS


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 4/18/17" (2)

  1. Good Show and at last, first time in 7 shows, we got a Big Deal win. 2 Perfect Deals

    My rating: 7.5

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