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“Millionaire” 4/17/17

Sean Shah (pro poker player in DelRay Beach, FL)
+1: Fiancee Shannon

$500: A study of notable shipwrecks since 1852 found the Titanic to be the last instance of passengers observing the Birkenhead tradition, better known as what?

A: Women & children first
B: Captain & his buddies first
C: Politicians & mistresses first
D: CEOs & hedge fund managers first

Women & children first$

$1K: Acc. to a list compiled by atlasobscura.com, “Curl Up and Dye” is the name of at least eight different U.S. what?

A: Curly fry manufacturers
B: Hair salons
C: Textile factories
D: Mortuaries

Hair salons$

$2K: Long before “U Can’t Touch This”, what rapper got his nickname while serving as a bat boy for the Oakland A’s because it was thought he looked like Hank Aaron?

A: MC Hammer
B: Vanilla Ice
C: Busta Rhymes
D: Notorious B.I.G.

MC Hammer$

$3K: Shedding some light on how the spiny sea urchin got its name, Merriam-Webster says “urchin” is an archaic name for which land animal?

A: Hedgehog
B: Badger
C: Prairie dog
D: Raccoon


A: 76%
B: 13%
C: 8%
D: 3%


$5K: A “Post-Accident Checklist” found on DMV.org says you should do ALL BUT which of the following after getting into a car crash?

A: Move to a safe location
B: Determine if there are injuries
C: Exchange addresses w/ the other driver
D: Call your insurance co.

Move to a safe locationOOPS

Paul Villaluz

$500: Responding to the world around him, the first word spoken by “Bambi” in the ’42 animated classic was what?

A: “Chlorophyll”
B: “Deforestation”
C: “Venison”
D: “Bird”


$1K: Allowing people to book “hotel accommodations” under an overpass or on a park bench, the Swedish street newspaper Faktum aims to raise awareness of what?

A: VOLVO sales events
B: The global mattress shortage
C: SUBWAY’S new breakfast menu
D: Homelessness


$2K: Planning ahead for life after tennis, which athlete earned a degree in fashion & has created a line of activewear called EleVen?

A: Venus Williams
B: Hope Solo
C: Ronda Rousey
D: Danica Patrick


$3K: Borrowing from next week jargon, Jul. 2nd could be called the “hump day” of a standard calendar yr. since how many days fall BOTH before & after it?

A: 180
B: 182
C: 184
D: 186


$5K: Acc. to Britannica, which famous religious figure fathered 47 children by way of more than 20 wives?

A: Martin Luther
B: John the Baptist
C: Brigham Young
D: Mahatma Gandhi

Brigham Young$

$7K: Suggesting it’s a good thing it’s so expensive, WebMD says that a 12-20 gram dose of what spice can actually be FATAL?

A: Anise
B: Flaxseed
C: Saffron
D: Ginger root


A: 18%
B: 4%
C: 72%
D: 6%


$10K: “Candy Crush Saga’s” success has been credited to the behavioral principle called hedonic adaptation, where you enjoy something more when it’s what?

A: Periodically withheld
B: Easy to learn
C: Brightly-colored
D: Assoc. w/ food

Periodically withheld$

QotD: Caligynephobia is defined as the fear of what?
A: Plants
B: Yellow food
C: Windows
D: Beautiful women

To Return: Spanning a whopping 570K square miles, the largest congressional district by area is located where?


FINAL LL (grandma Betty)


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