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Deal #1:
Lori: #1- Kitchen ($5,484)
Ty: STOCK$400 (SB: Trip to Abaco Beach Resort = $6,805)

GR: Hwajfong & James
C: Toyota Yaris
BLOWN UP (P: #6, #2, #3, #1, #8)

FNO: Arthur & Savannah Williams
Rejected 1st: #1 (FUN)- Game rm. ($5,448)

Savannah: $1.5K (SE)- “ZONK Around”
Arthur: SB (ZIP)- VESPA Sprint

Arthur then had a 1/3 chance of adding $3K to his prize if he wanted to go for it, but he declined.
#3- Z ($3K: #2)

Pamela’s Song Battle FD D: #3- 4n trip to HOTEL 10 in Montreal ($6,239)(GB: Heart pendant necklace = $3,800)

A: Michelle
C: KIA Forte
R: C ($400), A ($900)- STOPPED

Final Regular Trader: Crystal
Given Up 1st: BIG BOX- Elec. pkg. incl. FANDANGO NOW ($4,708)
RBGUCCI acc. ($2,195)
FD: GBDime-in jewelry (Isaac Wurley)

BD (Pamela):
SD (#3): Grilling/beach cruisers pkg. ($3,412)
MD (#1): Arte Fina L.R. ($5,997)- DIDN’T WORK TODAY
BD (#2): Trip to Fairmont ST. ANDREWS & ScIOn iA

$500 QD (Jennie): Computer mouse (T)- $


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 4/17/17" (2)

  1. Somewhat disappointing show. But the small deal win streak is over and We got a Medium Deal win.

    My rating: 6

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      But the bad news is the big deal is right off the bat and the losing streak continues resulted a car shutout. That might be a reason why we had a $100K loss on Wheel. I hope tomorrow will be better before we say Hole in One.
      Grade: D-

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