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Jonathon Sawyer (EC/restaurateur)
Stephanie Izard (former “Top Chef”)
Sarah Gruenberg (EC/restaurateur)
Jason Dady (EC/restaurateur)
Nyesha Arrington (EC/restaurateur)
Shota Nakajima (EC/restaurateur)
Michael Gulotta (EC/restaurateur)

Chairman’s Challenge (Alton’s now the chairman): Ingredients from the wild
Jason: Porcini-crusted elk loin
Michael: Buttermilk-fried quail in a red currant vindaloo curry
Nyesha: Roast squab w/ salsify puree
Sarah: Forest rabbit w/ bacon & rabbit sausage
Jonathon: Sicilian-style hunter’s pasta w/ squab
Stephanie: Duck tartare w/ Gochujang mayo
Shota: Grilled quail w/ mushrooms
W- Stephanie
SARAH’S OPPONENT (as decided by the CC winner)- Nyesha

Secret Ingredient Showdown: LOBSTER
J: Geoffrey & Donatella Arpaia Stewart

A: Spiny lobster aguachile
B: Turmeric black pepper salsa w/ spiny lobster
C: Butter-poached lobster w/ charred eggplant puree

A: Lobster Boudin wrapped in Swiss chard w/ lobster broth
B: Spiny lobster coconut nage
C: Spanish-style Maine lobster w/ chorizo & corn puree

Each judge awards up to 10 pts. in taste & up to five in both plating & originality.

SARAH: 14 + 7 + 8 = 29
NYESHA: 12 + 8 + 7 = 27

The last competitor standing in this series will face THREE Iron Chefs in a gauntlet in a bid to become the newest Iron Chef.

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