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“Ca$h Cab” 5/11/09

G1: Liza & Zack (46th & 8th)(BtG: 30)

G2: Tracy & Nix (ABC Carpeting on Broadway & 19th)(BtG: 35)

#1: People w/ what hereditary condition are sometimes said to be pigmentally-challenged?
#2: What was the world’s most widely-used web browser when bundled w/ Microsoft Windows?
AOL (A: Internet Explorer)
#3: In traditional Hindu funerals what large wooden structures are set on fire during the rite of cremation?
#4: Due to trademark issues, what fast food chain uses the slogan “Two pizzas!” & “Delivery! Delivery!” in Canada?
Little Caesars

#1: Voted the Best Design in 2001, the flag of what state features a sacred Sun symbol from the Zia Pueblo tribe?
#2: Most likely of Yiddish origin, what word’s commonly used to refer to a dab of cream cheese on a bagel?
RLC: A 2007 Harris poll asked Americans to identify our nation’s closest allies- name six of the eight countries that topped the list.
Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Japan, IsraelX (Others: Italy, South Korea & Australia)
FQ: Sharing its name w/ a Renaissance painter, what hazelnut-flavored liqueur’s sold in a bottle shaped like a monk?

VB: Meaning “basket” in Ashanti, this fabric’s a symbol of national pride in Ghana- what is it?
FA: Kente cloth ($900)

G3: David, Frankie & Noel (Bowery & Delancey)(BtG: 30)

#1: What personality type was identified in the 1950s as a predictor of heart disease?
Type A
#2: Often used to describe the voice of Tim Waits, what word literally means to screech like a cat in heat?
Screech (A: Caterwaul)
#3: What Biblical manuscripts were sold in 1954 through a classified ad?
Dead Sea Scrolls
#4: What carpentry term’s often used to mean perpendicular?

Sole $200 Q: Invented by Samuel Blanc in 1933, what sewer-cleaning machine was orig. made of blades, a motor & roller-skate wheels?

VB: This particular wading bird’s seen feasting on crocodile. Assoc. w/ the Egyptian god Toth, what’s the name of this sacred bird?
FA: Ilbis (should’ve left off the L)


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