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“Ca$h Cab” 5/14/09

G1: The Connells (The Dakota)(BtG: 44)

G2: Heather (62nd & Columbus)(BtG: 35)

#1: Despite Hamlet’s doom & gloom, what nation did Businessweek name the “World’s Happiest Country”?
#2: Thrusting the Magic Kingdom into the Cold War, Disneyland DENIED access to what Russian PM in ’59?
X (A: Nikita Khrushchev)
#3: To the delight of aerosol addicts, what brand of dessert topping made its debut in 1948?
FQ: Inspired by the costly upkeep of pale pachyderms, what term describes a possession that’s more TROUBLE than it’s worth?
FA: White elephant

G3: Carrie, Maryanne, Kathleen & Peter (2nd between 77th & 78th)(BtG: 39)

#1: W/ a name expressing urgency, what effervescent rival of Airborne claims to help you “Feel the good”?
Emergent C
RLC: Petsdo.com compiled a list of the most DANGEROUS dog breeds- name four that made the top seven.
Pitbull, Rotweiller, Doberman Pinscher & German Shepherd (Others: Chow, Husky & Malamute)
#2: Resembling a backwards P, the pilcrow is a copyediting symbol used to indicate what?
#3: Due to the COLLAPSE of the steel industry, the region stretching between St. Paul & Pittsburgh has earned what corrosive nickname?
Rust Belt
#4: Set in the city of Nagasaki, viewers of what Puccini opera might be bugged by its long second act?
“Madame Butterfly”

#1: What investment website borrows its name from a line in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”?
The Motley Fool
FQ: Used to make tequila, what plant’s nectar provides a low-glycenic alternative for diabetics & dieters?
RLC #2: A 2008 Forbes issue compiled a list of the world’s most DANGEROUS destinations- name six that made the top eight.
Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Lebanon & Sudan (Leftovers: Haiti & Congo)

VB: These artifacts date back to a prehistoric people who dominated Italy before the founding of Rome. Historically & linguistically related to the region of Tuscany, what’s the name of this ancient civilization?
FA: The Etruscans (TRIO OF GRANDS)


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