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“Millionaire” 4/14/17

$20K: W/ the exception of Afghanistan & Azerbajian, ALL of the other nine countries whose names begin w/ an A have what characteristic?

A: They have seven letters
B: They have a U in them
C: They end w/ an A
D: They’re in Europe

They end w/ A$

$30K: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 are the first six numbers of the Fibonacci sequence. What’s the eighth number?

A: 17
B: 21
C: 29
D: 38

FA: FOLDED (A: 21)

Akerth Jain (Olathe, KS- has 65 trophies/awards in his rm.)(12)
+1: Uncle Raj

$500: In ’66, Buzz Aldrin was the subject of the first known “selfie” to have been taken where?

A: On Mt. Everest
B: In space
C: Underwater
D: At Forever 21

In space$

$1K: Covering works by Lord Byron, Bram Stoker & Stephanie Meyer, Harvard’s Extension School has offered a class on what “…in Literature and Film”?

A: “The Vampire”
B: “The Yeti”
C: “The Loch Ness Monster”
D: “The Grinch”


A: 85%
B: 4%
C: 5%
D: 6%

“The Vampire”$

$2K: Much smaller than “JURASSIC PARK” made it seem, which dinosaur had a name that means “speedy thief”?

A: Tyrannosaurus Rex
B: Velociraptor
C: Triceratops
D: Pterodactyl


$3K: Which of the following letters WASN’T used in the names of any of Santa’s reindeer, incl. Rudolph?

A: C
B: V
C: W
D: X

50:50– C & W

$5K: Which of these is a Disney Channel star & singer who competed on “dancing with the stars” at 16 & NOT an African capital city?

A: Niamey
B: Zendaya
C: Yaounde
D: Maseru


QotD: A favorite in grade-school science labs, a nail, a penny, some copper wire & a potato are ALL the ingredients you need to create a what?
A: Speaker
B: Alarm clock
C: Battery
D: Hot plate

$7K: If your analog watch only has digits representing the hrs., what’s the sum total of the numbers on its face?

A: 37
B: 52
C: 65
D: 78


$10K: Thanks to a special adaptation that affects how their kidneys function, bull sharks are unusual in that they’re able to do what?

A: Live in freshwater
B: Reproduce without a partner
C: Breathe air
D: Regenerate damaged fins

Reproduce w/o a partnerG.O. (A: Live in freshwater)

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