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CG: Cycyotas (Mike, Jillian, Kate, Tanya & Michael) v. Abdur-Rahmans

R1: If men marked their territory like dogs, name something they’d put their scent on:

#1: Their women (36)(Mike)
#4: Couch/recliner (8)(Nneka)

Cycyotas: Car/truck (#2- 25), boat, food, TVs/remotes (#3- 10), pub/bar
Nneka Steal: Homes- BA (6)(Not needed: Beds- 7)

R2: Name something people do sitting down:

#5: Go potty (5)(Jillian)
X- Drive (Amina)

Cycyotas: Eat (TA- 42), learning at school, riding chair lift, TV/movies (#2- 17), magic carpet ride
Nneka Steal #2: Get hair done- X

#3: Read (13)
#4: Type/computer (8)
#6: Fall asleep/nap (4)
BA: Play cards/games (3)

Double: Name something people think brings bad luck:

#2: Under ladder (17)(Kate)
X- Stepping on cracks (Ali)

Cycyotas: Black cats (TA- 43), broken mirrors (#3- 15), coins on ground, throwing away good luck charm, spilling salt on table
Nneka Steal #3: Splitting a pole (BAs: Umbrella/indoors & black crows- 4 each)

TRIPLE: Name an activity that might cause someone’s dentures to pop out:

#1: Eating/chewing (42)(Salima)

Abdur-Rahmans: Brushing teeth, laughing (#2- 15), talking
Mike Steal to End Game: Sneezing

#3: Sports activities (13)
BA: Bobbing for apples (5)

SD: Name an animal w/ long ears.
Michael: ElephantI WAS WRONG ALL THIS TIME ON WHEN THE FIRST CAR WIN IN SUDDEN DEATH TOOK PLACE (A: Rabbit- 56; the FM win cue played this time)

#1: On the scale, how respectful are most men towards women?
#2: Something you might eat more than one of at breakfast.
#3: Name any birthstone.
#4: Something that comes after the word “double”.
#5: Name the most expensive thing in your home.

Yahya: 6 (15), toast (16), jewel, tree & wedding ring (5)
Nneka: 10 (3), grapes, emerald (15), trouble (30) & TVs (36)
Unsaid #1s: 7, eggs & ruby


Comments on: "“Family Feud” 11/18/10" (1)

  1. jpgenius said:

    It may have taken Sudden Death, but the Abdur-Rahmans have grabbed a 🚗 in their Easter egg hunt!

    Bobby, when did you think the first car win in Sudden Death was?

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