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FF: Jennifer Fordian, Timothy Weaver, Carol Wafford & April Anderson
IUFB #1: MacBook w/ stand (G in Clam)


April plays herself some IitB.

$1K ($18.99): Allegra Allergy
$2K ($1.29): Nestle Carnation evaporated milk
$4K ($8.99): Purina ONE (bag)
$8K ($2.99): La Choy soy sauceBUSTS
$16K ($3.99): Betty Crocker Bisquick (box)
OUT OF PLAY: Dole mandarin oranges

5. Natalie Roper
IUFB #2: XBOX ONE pkg. (A)

Jennifer: 899/Timothy: 900/Carol: 600/NATALIE: 700

Carol was $30 away…on the bright side, so she’ll have a chance at a Flexsteel L.R. + a LAMPS PLUS pkg. facing the Double Prices.
DP: $6646 & $9979
G: $9979- W

6. Patricia Jacquez
IUFB #3: 4pc kate spade jewelry (G in CR)

Jennifer: 960/Timothy: 1150/PATRICIA: 1100/Natalie: 950

ARP: $1,…229- Timothy could take a trip in the ’17 JUKE (Std., Guards, Etch) by winning L$.

2nd: 2- $6 LEFT (1)
3rd: 8- BULLSEYE
4th: 4- $3 LEFT (7)
5th: 5- BROKE (9)

SCSD #1:
Timothy: .85
April: 35 + 60 = .95
Carol ($10,609): 55 + 30 = .85

7. Vicente Guerrero
IUFB #4: Atomic air hockey (both at SS)

Jennifer: 1050/VICENTE: 1200/Patricia: 900/Natalie: 1K

Vicente could next steal this holiday to The Hamadryade Lodge (G at #4) by tipping the Balance Game scale in his favor.
DVA: $2K, $4K & $5K
G: 7062- W

8. Melinda Pettyjohn
IUFB #5: Bradley smoker (G at GPT)

Jennifer: 752/MELINDA: 600/Patricia: 750/Natalie: 751

Everybody else overed, so Melinda has the $700 smoker by default & plays LeU for the ’17 KIA Forte (Std., Etch)(G).

_: 18pc WUSTHOF cutlery
_: BLACK + DECKER toaster oven
_: $702- The Blue Rooster co. chimnea + three bags of pinon wood mini logs


FINAL IUFB: Four audioengine speakers + tablets (G at #5)

Jennifer: 1K/MELVIN: 999/Patricia: 1800/Natalie: 600

NO blue podium sweep this half, leading Patricia to play C-H for a 15-month Bespokepost monthly subscription box, a two-yr. fabfitfun seasonal subscription box for three, bi-monthly in-home blowouts for a yr. & a $1.5K Spring credit, making that pkg. worth $5,110. She’ll spin TBW afterwards no matter what.

Oster vacuum cork: $22- 2
BLACK + DECKER steam iron: $34- 6
Honeywell humidifier: $40

SCSD #2:
Patricia ($7,028): 55 + 60
Vicente ($8,511): 55 + QUARTER = .8
Melinda ($20,725): 35 + H-D = .85

L- SAMSUNG W/D + $1.5K towards maid service (G)
R- Trip to Southampton Inn
I- Mirage HB


#1- Pair of Home Styles chaises + three side tables and umbrella & trip to Napili Kai (A)
#3- maZDa Miata



Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 4/13/17" (3)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    The only thing worse that we don’t want to see is a $100K loss on Wheel tonight since we had a double overbid for the second time this week. Ant0824, I hope that Michael Taylor doesn’t declare a technical win for Melinda had a small overbid for her showcase.
    Today’s FFBC contestant: Jennifer
    Grade: C-

  2. Oh hell no, we got an another double over today. Anyway, good show with 4 games won including a Car win and we ended up with another double over. Folks it happens every once in a while not that often. It happens once in a while a get a double, I hate to see it. What you gonna do?

    My rating: 6

  3. Here’s what the moderator wrote under today’s Quick News & Notes:

    ‘It’s been a while since a season of “Price” has had more than one aired wk. w/ multiple DOBs in one season.’

    Again, a car win (and a perfect second half) provides partial redemption for this episode. But I’m guessing we’re all getting tired of hearing that tuba at 10 or 11:57 in the morning, though (airs at 11 on my ET affiliate).

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