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Alexa: #3- Hot tub/Hatteras Hammock pkg. (RED: $360)
Weston: M-C- $4K stem GC (GREEN: $250)
Sophie: BLUEPD ($5K)(#2: Hay truck)

CS: Amy (teacher)
C (#1): Nissan JUKE
TC: 9♦, 2♠, 4♥, 8♦, J♥, 6♦, A♥, Q♠ & 10♠- ACED!!!!! (only 2nd ever)(VB)


FD: CD #2- $600 (CURTAIN #2: Kitchen + groc.)

Marissa: #4- INDIE POP
FD: CD #4- $700 (BIG BOX: Trip to Bahia Hotel)

Kenneth’s FD D in Stage 1: $10 BANKROLL = $1710 (#3: Honda CB500X)

Alyssa: Three boxes were shown, one having $5K; the other two got Z’s.
FD: GBBeetz headphones (BB: Broccoli purse)

MoU: Cameron & Antonio
C (#1): Mitsubishi Mirage G4
#1: 6- $300
#2: 1- $500
#3: 4- $1250 & BAILED (Next: 6)

Final Regular Deal:
Farisha: SB- Gold diamond ring
Dimitri: BIG BOX- Apple elec. pkg.
Sahar: YAW (SE)- Hay truck

BD (Alexa):
SD (#3): Tennis pkg.- X
MD (#1): Gaming lounge
BD (#2): Intrepid trip to Japan & Toyota Corolla

SOLE AIRED QD (Michelle): Beat Wayne at RPS two out of three times ($300)- $

Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 4/13/17" (2)

  1. What a back to back. A Car win in card sharks amazing. But another fuckin small deal win put the Big deal on brink for its worst ever big deal week. The main game is still on pace for a great week.

    My rating: 7

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      And the big deal was right off the bat lowers my grade. If we don’t get the Big Deal win tomorrow, there will be a shutout. Like Tuesday, will there be a $100K loss on Wheel tonight?
      Grade: F+

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