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“Millionaire” 4/11/17

Preston Helfand (Tucson)(expert in Presidential history & fan of “The Bachelor)(13)
+1: Dad

$500: Posing a problem if newly-introduced predators start running around, NatGeo says that birds on isolated islands gradually LOSE their ability to what?

A: Do kung fu
B: Shoot a crossbow
C: Turn invisible
D: Fly


$1K: “It takes a long time to finish”, “Funding is fleeting” & “It is very, very hard” were three things listed in Business Insider‘s article “14 Reasons Not to Go…” where?

A: To graduate school
B: To the north of England
C: To Six Flags Magic Mountain
D: To the bathroom

“…to graduate school”$

$2K: In the movie “IRON MAN”, the main character was seen driving an Audi R8 w/ a license plate that read what?



$3K: The world’s longest rail tunnel, Switzerland’s newly-opened Gotthard Base Tunnel’s also the deepest, burrowing over a mile beneath what mtn. range?

A: The Urals
B: The Andes
C: The Alps
D: The Cascades

The Alps $

$5K: “Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy” was the first line of what classic children’s novel?

A: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
B: The Phantom Tollbooth
C: Freaky Friday
D: A Wrinkle in Time

CUT (A: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)

$5K, Re-Do: Which of the following pairs of B countries share a border?

A: Bangladesh & Bulgaria
B: Botswana & Belize
C: Brazil & Bolivia
D: Belgium & Bahrain

Brazil & Bolivia$

$7K: W/ ten letters each, two Presidents are tied for having the longest last names. What are their first names?

A: Thomas & Grover
B: Martin & William
C: James & John
D: George & Dwight

George & Dwight $

$10K: Named for the Greek goddess of the Earth, the theory that the planet’s living & nonliving parts work together as a single organism is called what?

A: Athena Hypothesis
B: Minerva Hypothesis
C: Hera Hypothesis
D: Gaia Hypothesis

50:50 & AtA– HERA (53%) OVER GAIA
Hera HypothesisNO HELP

Brooke Elliott (aspiring activist)(13)
+1: Dad

$500: Before his name was changed to incorporate that of his favorite snack, what “SESAME STREET” character was actually known as Sid?

A: Mr. Snuffleupagus
B: Cookie Monster
C: Kermit the Frog
D: Big Bird

Cookie Monster$

$1K: A recent study at West Point revealed that test scores drop when college students are allowed to use what distracting devices in the classroom?

A: Chairs
B: Eyeglasses
C: #2 pencils
D: Laptops


$2K: NationalGeographic.com explains that there “is really only one” what in the world, but most geographers “divide it into four for convenience”?

A: Ocean
B: Volcano
C: Forest
D: Mountain

Ocean $

$3K: What force in physics is responsible for rug burn?

A: Lift
B: Friction
C: Centrifugal force
D: Magnetism


QotD: Kids are often taught how to make rudimentary kaleidoscopes by placing mirrors inside a what?
A: Fishbowl
B: Jelly Belly bag
C: Pringles can
D: Cookie jar

$5K: In A Series of Unfortunate Events, what of these was fittingly book #12?

A: The Reptile Room
B: The Wide Window
C: The Penultimate Peril
D: The Ersatz Elevator

The Penultimate Peril$

To Return: By head count & certainly by leg count, what dept. boasts the most specimens at NY’s American Museum of Natural History?

A: Icthyology
B: Mammalogy
C: Herpetology
D: Entomology



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