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Deal #1: Silver
Rejected 1st: BB (BRIGHT LIGHTS)- Trip to Vegas + $1.5K
Rejected 2nd: SB (ELEGANT)- Z perfume
Rejected 3rd: M-C- Trail Vipers
#1 (GOOD TIMES)- Pool table rm.

She wasn’t done yet, though- one of the four staffers’ envelopes had $10K.
BAILED (A: Jonathan)

Helen: H- 6
Remi: C- Z
Dylan: f- 9

R2 (#3): Bedroom
Dylan: A- 7
Helen: B- 8

C (#2): Toyota Yaris
Helen: G- 3
Dealer: I- CAR (Z: D)

Robin’s FD D: SE- Maid service, dinners & massages for a yr. ($6,504)(FC: $325)


DBM: Ruby & Luis
RB: Luis- Trip to Foote Prints
GB: Ruby- Trip to Smugglers’ Notch
SE: NEITHER- Nissan Sentra

WWTAMCQfQaP: Monique

#1: Where was Luis’ trip to- Nashville, Jamaica or Vancouver?

#2: What color was that Yaris- blue, red or gray?
DR: Gray

#3: How many Zs have appeared in the SB up to this moment today- three, two or one?

BAILED (#2: Honda Fit)

Patricia & Wataru’s Withdrawn Amts.: $250, $200, $450 & $900 (LB: $1K)
FD: BRIEFCASE- White gold diamond rings ($6.5K)

PD #2

BD (Ruby):
SD (#3): Camping gear- TM
MD (#2): Trip to NZ
BD (#1): $22,604


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 4/11/17" (2)

  1. Disappoint LMAD show. No Car win and a Fuckin Small deal win.

    My rating: 3

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      And a big deal was right off the bat lowers my grade in which it just have cash. I think that’s the reason why we have a double overbid earlier. Will there be a $100K loss on Wheel tonight?
      Grade: F+

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