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“Millionaire” 4/10/17

Sarah Schwartz (14-yr.-old who’s conquered 20 escape rms.)
+1: Dad

$500: Reader’s Digest says you can cut your amusement ride wait time by up to 30% if you use the line reserved specifically for who?

A: People late for the airport
B: Civil War veterans
C: Escaped prisoners
D: Single riders

Single riders$

$1K: Emitting a high-pitched noise to warn its colony of danger, what animal celebrated every Feb. is sometimes referred to as a whistle-pig?

A: Emu
B: Groundhog
C: Sloth
D: Manatee


$2K: Because wheat’s an ingredient, Hasbro warns that children who are allergic to gluten may have a reaction when playing w/ what?

A: Pogo stick
B: Play-doh
C: NERF balls


$3K: While visiting Kate Bhutan in ’16, Kate Middleton channeled her inner Katniss & participated in what national sport?

A: Badminton
B: Horseshoes
C: Dodgeball
D: Archery


$5K: As it’s typically sung, the first four lines of “Happy Birthday” contain NO what?

A: Pronouns
B: Prepositions
C: Adjectives
D: Verbs


$7K: If you had 101 dalmatians & they each gave birth to 101 dalmatians, how many new Dalmatian puppies would you be dealing w/?

A: 1,201
B: 10,201
C: 100,210
D: 1.21M


$10K: James Garfield’s victory in 1880 was the first & only time a person in what position has been elected President?

A: Governor of a U.S. state
B: V-P
C: Senator
D: Representative


A: 14%
B: 28%
C: 16%
D: 42%


$20K: Acc. to Crayola, which of their crayon colors shares its name w/ “the shortest wavelength of light that humans can see”?

A: Unmellow Yellow
B: Red
C: Violet
D: Mango Tango


$30K: If ports of call AREN’T your thing, you can sail around the world at which of these latitudes & NOT hit a land mass?

A: 45ºN
B: 75ºN
C: 15ºN
D: 60ºN

CUT (A: 60ºN)

$30K, Take #2: Which of these landmarks is predominantly covered w/ a crusty substance called “verdigris”?

A: Washington Monument
B: Statue of Liberty
C: Eiffel Tower
D: Taj Mahal

Statue of Liberty$

$50K: The third to be sent into orbit, which space shuttle flew the most missions of all, despite one launch being delayed after it was damaged by woodpeckers?

A: Discovery
B: Atlantis
C: Enterprise
D: Endeavour

FA: WALKS (A: Discovery)

QotD: In a famous book, who incorrectly predicted that “Later on, neither I nor anyone else will be interested in the musings of a 13-yr.-old schoolgirl”?

A: Jane Austen
B: Emily Dickinson
C: Anne Frank
D: Joan of Arc

Thousandaire: Kyle McNulty

What song by Frank & Moon Unit Zappa made popular the phrases “Gag me with a spoon” & “like so grody”?

A: “Barbie Girl”
B: “Valley Girl”
C: “Uptown Girl”
D: “American Girl”

FA: “Valley Girl”


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