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“Ca$h Cab”- 5TH S.P.

G1: Coco Mackentire, Chicava Honeychild & Dame Cuchifrita (Brown Girl Burlesque members)(67th & Central Park West)(BtG: 42)

#1: What nickname for “stubble” was coined in the 1930s ad for Gem razors?
5 O’Clock Shadow
#2: Due to its drooping branches, the salix babylonica tree’s known by what melancholy name?
Weeping willow tree
#3: What zodiac sign’s symbolized by a set of balanced scales?
#4: In its original version, what ancient physician’s oath prohibited the performance of both surgery & euthanasia?

#1: Popularized in the 1990s, what four-word expression traditionally precedes the phrase “Cause the face don’t understand”?
Talk to the hand
#2: Before becoming an eight-term senator, what South Carolinian ran for President under the slogan “Segregation forever”?
Strom Thurmond
#3: Until it was eclipsed by a British cathedral, what ancient architectural wonder spent almost four millennia as the world’s tallest structure?
The Great Pyramid (of Giza)
RLC: Name the four stages in the life cycle of a butterfly.
Pupa, larva, butterfly & egg
#4: What Midwestern metropolis is home to the busiest U.S.-Canada border crossing?

Sole $200 Q: What breed of hunting dog’s known for targeting its prey’s PRIVATES?
FA: Weimaraner ($1050)

G2: Steel Neil & Opus (Hammerstein Ballroom)(BtG: 39)

G3: Marvin, Jen & Josh (62nd between Amsterdam & Columbus)(BtG: 33)

#1: Derived from the Latin for “vengeance”, what Italian term refers to a bitter blood feud?
#2: Lending its name to a VT ski resort, a sugar bush is a forest-like grove of what variety of trees?
#3: Referring to a person w/ prestige but NO power, what term was inspired by the carved decoration on a ship’s bow?
#4: Helping the hungry since 1942, what nonprofit was orig. called “The Oxford Committee for Famine Relief”?

#1: On his 70th birthday, what father of fitness towed 70 boats carrying 70 people from a mile & a half?
Jack LaLanne
#2: Roughing up rodents for over 50 yrs., what household brand claims to be America’s #1 mouse killer?
Raid (A: DECON)
#3: Protecting sultans for centuries, Janissaries were the elite infantry units of what Eastern Mediterranean empire?
MSO: Jen’s brother David
RLC: As of 2008, six of the top ten coffee-producing nations in the world are in Latin America- name five of ’em.
Colombia, Brazil, MexicoX (Others: Guatemala, Costa Rica & Honduras)

VB: Ranging from Turkey to Spain, these bridge-like structures are symbols of the ingenuity & immensity of the Roman empire- what’s the term for these engineering marvels of the ancient world?
FA: Aqueducts ($700)


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