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“Ca$h Cab” 5/12/09

G1: Mike, Jay, Mark & Larry (9th & 33rd)(BtG: 36)

#1: Introduced to the comic pages in ’24, what father figure made millions selling munitions during WWI?
Andrew Stark (A: Daddy Warbucks)
#2: In ’96, a member of the Colorado Avalanche had his daughter baptized in what storied trophy?
Stanley Cup
#3: What fastidious bartending term describes a drink w/o ice or mixers?
#4: Abbrev. RTR on stock tickers, what news agency launched in 1849 w/ the help of passenger pigeons?

#1: Sometimes described as a misplaced modifier, this question contains a grammatical mistake called a dangling what?
#2: In 2005, what jurist became the fifth Catholic member serving on the U.S. Supreme Court?
John Roberts (A: Samuel Alito)
#3: Awarded to the car of the yr., the coveted Golden Calipers trophy is presented annually by what auto magazine?
Car and Driver

Double Ride: Janice & Stacy (50th & 2nd)(BtG: 34)

#1: Spanish for “good winds”, what South American city has earned the nickname “The Paris of the South”?
Buenos Aires
#2: A five-time Presidential candidate, what staunch critic of corporations has been labeled a spoiler, gadfly & saint?
Ralph Nader
#3: W/ the scientific name Mimus Polyglottos, what songbird was famous for imitating the cries of other birds?
#4: In a FAILED attempt to lure vegetarians, McDonald’s once tested a Hula Burger feat. what tropical fruit?

#1: Igniting book sales in 1981, what Stephen King novel was described as a “Paean to Pyromania”?
#2: Produced in Scotland’s oldest licensed distillery, what famous whiskey gets its name from a nearby glen?
RLC: Name five of the eight most popular flavors of Ben & Jerry’s I.C.
Cherry Garcia, Chunky MonkeyX (Others: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Half-Baked, Phish Food, New York Super Fudge Chunk & Coffee Heath Bar Crunch)
#3: An offshoot of the Mediterranean, what sea separates Italy from its Balkan neighbors to the east?
Aegean (A: Adriatic)
FQ: Acc. to an ad campaign feat. Florence Henderson, what unique quality’s achieved w/ the use Wesson cooking oil?

VB: These mammals have a bright & busy coat that scares off predators in the forests of Africa. Sharing its name w/ a type of drum, what’s this species of antelope?

G3: Anton, Alan & Anyes (Lex & 31st)(BtG: 32)

#1: Occasionally the subject of 1st Amendment challenges, what four-word motto was added to U.S. currency during the Civil War?
In God We Trust
#2: What currency of both Denmark & Norway’s abbrev. KR?
Crowns (A: Krones/Kroner)
#3: Gracing the logo of Swedish automaker SAAB, what mythical creature’s half-eagle & half-lion?
#4: Acc. to legend, what device did Elias Howe invent after dreaming about spears w/ holes at one end?
Harpoon (A: Sewing machine)

Sole $200 Q: Set in NZ, the novel Once Were Warriors recounted the degradation of what indigenous people?
RLC: Name four of the five most-populated Australian cities.
Sydney, Melbourne, Perth–  X (Not provided: Brisbane & Adelaide)($600)

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