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“Id!ottest” 4/6/17

BT: Daniel & Tyler
GT: Lola & Samantha (coworkers)

Gentlemen: Which one’s the spitting image of their parents?
PASSED ($220)
Ladies: Which is freshly squeezed?
T ($160): Cow
Gentlemen: Which sound’s the alarm?
T ($140): “BEEEEP!!” ($360)
Ladies: Which one hovers longest w/ the LEAST amount of fuel?
T ($180): Hot-air balloon (A: Cloud)

Lola (who has an Albanian heritage): Please DON’T. Just DON’T.
“DON’T” in DON’T DO IT! Note Found? ($50): N
Tyler: Which business most likely placed the ad below (“Must have filing experience”)- Ken’s Karate, Nancy’s Nail Salon, Paulie’s Pizza, Hank’s Hats or Walter’s Wieners?
T ($75): Nancy’s Nail Salon ($435)
Samantha: The ball & runner are heading toward the base! Which one got there first?
T ($150): The girl on the base ($310)
Daniel: Which one travels at the speed of sound?
T ($175): The man who said “This is so deep…” ($610)

#1: Which scratch ticket (of the three) is worth the most?
Daniel ($300): Top one
Lola ($400): AGREED (A: #3- only one that DIDN’T have the “VOID IF THIS BOX IS SCRATCHED” scratched off)
#2: What takes a seventh of your life?
Samantha ($1800): Friday ($2,110)
Tyler ($1900): W ($2,510)

SM: Who still has all of their original teeth?
Tyler (:33): Baby
Daniel (:07): Comb ($3,510)

BT: Emily & Tessa (former camp counselors for boys)
GT: Nate & Morgan

Ladies: Who’s telling the truth (“Dessert is on me!”)?
T ($200): The guy w/ a slice of cake on his lap
Gentlemen: 100m dash time! Who’s probably NOT winning this race?
Guy W/ Shoes Tied Pressed? ($180): Y
Ladies: Help him find LOVE
“LOVE” in CLOVERFIELD Discovered? ($160): Y ($360)
Gentlemen: Yes, wee can!
T ($220): That miniscule red can ($400)

Emily: Hey! Look “up” here!
T ($175): “Reading is Fun” sign (A: Dictionary)
Nate: Which one has four eyes & three ears?
T ($325): Guy holding two ears of corn ($725)
Tessa: This answer? Nothing two it!
T ($50): <02IT> ($410)
Morgan: Which tweeter has #firstwordproblems- Chad Davis, Trent Jones or Kate Adams?
T ($75): Kate Adams (A: Trent Jones, because he said “Are waiter” instead of “Our waiter”)

#1: Given fajitas at $10, burrito at $8, nachos at $9 & quesadilla at $8 (as well as a coupon), how many things on this menu are EXACTLY $8?
Morgan ($350): TWO
Emily ($250): THREE ($660)
#2: Which word would NOT form a new word if she put a RING on it- TEA, TAPE, BADGE or SLED?
Nate ($1K): BADGE
Tessa ($400): SAME

SM: Figure it out (BIG ONION IN GIN)

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