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FF: Deaven Dell, David Ruis, Linda Reynolds & Anthony Huffins
IUFB #1: SAMSUNG 55″ 4K HDTV (R in Clam)

DEAVEN: 325/DAVID: 4001/LINDA: 1400/ANTHONY: 3750

Linda, can you fight the Temptation in regards to the ’17 Honda Civic (Std., WPC, Mats, AA)? We’ll see.

SONY PS4 pkg. ($1K): 0
NordicTrack exercycle ($844): 8
BBB ($3339): 3
Seven Hamilton Beach small appliances ($525): 5
FA: $21835- TTM

5. Krystal Roberts (tweet for a Seat winner)
IUFB #2: 4pc Raden luggage (both in front of CR)

Deaven: 1K/David: 1851/KRYSTAL: 1850/Anthony: 1550

Its price: $1,…380- Deaven will win a vacay to the Arelauquen Lodge (R at #4) if she can beat SP.
B: 90396

6. Tami Ferguson
IUFB #3: Crazy Cart XL electric kart (A at SS)

TAMI: 550/David: 600/Krystal: 635/Anthony: 636

Price: $855- Anthony’s the top bidder & plays ME.
Four Tory Burch purses & shoes (R): $3415- W
hp desktop (G): $1560

SCSD #1:
Deaven: 15 + 35 = H-D
Linda: 35 + 80
Anthony ($8,228): QUARTER + DIME = .35

7. Paul Slazas
IUFB #4: QFX PA system (A at RS)

Tami: 856/David: 500/Krystal: 700/PAUL: 800

Krystal has to be clear that she can win a Chevrolet Sonic (Std., Lug Nuts, Prot) if she’s got enough in P¢.
RN: 2, 5, 7, 8 & 9

2nd: 9, 8, 7 (#3)
3rd: 5, 8 (#18)
4th: 9 (#7)
Last: 5 (#16)

#3- Z

8. Wendy Boyd
IUFB #5: Hatteras Hammock Roman Arc + amazon kindle (R at GPT)

Tami: 825/David: 1/WENDY: 850/Paul: 950

In total: $1,260- Paul will also receive the round Beachcomber LEEP + 3pc bar set (#2) by being a winner on F-F.
G: FLOPS (8629)- W

FINAL PLAYER: Christina England
FINAL IUFB: Helen Ficalora necklace (A)

Tami: 950/David: 1100/Wendy: 1101/CHRISTINA: 1K

Wendy has a chance to play the Bonus Game for the CRESSI SCUBA gear & SEA-DOO Sea Scooters and also a trip to the St. James’s Club MORGAN BAY, making it all valued at $10,958.

Bed Head “A Wave We Go” hair styler ($65): L ($40)(——)
Holmes cool mist humidifier ($50): H (——)
ChefsChoice Belgian waffle maker ($125): L ($200)(——)
Panasonic nano-ionic facial steamer ($90): H ($130)(BONUS!)

SCSD #2:
Krystal: 30 + H-D = .8
Paul ($9,889): 30 + NICKEL = .35
Wendy ($12,791): H-D + 55

In front of CR- SONY Xperias
#4- Trips to Hotel Chesa Valese & Orchid Hotel

BID ON TRIPCASE: $19K (ARP: $21,960)

#1- Flexsteel L.R. + iRobot (A)
#2- LG kitchen (R)
#3- ’17 Ford Fiesta HB (Std., Wheels, SYNC3)($17,300)



Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 4/4/17" (4)

  1. Terrible Show today. No car winner at all and 2 Motherfuckin losers made it to the showcase and the cheapest Showcase was won resulting Krystal becoming the lowest winning player in the Showcase really sink today’s ratings. 3 Games won.

    My rating: 2

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      That is why I said you’re supposed to go overbid and we also have a car shutout that I said earlier. Let’s hope tomorrow will be better.
      Today’s FFBC contestant: David
      Grade: D-

  2. Charles Shen said:

    Should offer Chevy Malibu or Honda Accord in the first showcase as well.

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