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FF: Naquita Revus, Kanishia Johnson, Kristen Hung & Teddy Loof
IUFB #1: SONY cameras (R)

NAQUITA: 1777/KANISHIA: 1400/KRISTEN: 1800/TEDDY: 1801

They’re: $2,670- Teddy will play the Grand Game ($4.5) along w/ Wilmer Valderrama, whose charity’s Voto Latino.
I: McCormick Bac’n Pieces, Native Forest artichoke hearts, Coricidin HBP, Tiger’s Milk bar, Tony Roma’s BBQ sauce & Keebler Town House Pita Crackers

$10: Bac’n Pieces- $2.79
$100: Tiger’s Milk- 89¢
$1K: Tony Roma’s BBQ sauce- $5.69

5. John Morlang (Hastings, NE)
IUFB #2: Airhead paddleboard pkg. (R at #3)

Naquita: 1K/Kanishia: 1342/Kristen: 1400/JOHN: 3200

Naquita & Wilmer get the S? of the day- are the prices of these trips to the Center Hotel (G)($7944) & SuperClubs Breezes ($9563) correct?
S?: Y

6. Brent Hollingsworth (front)
IUFB #3: SAMSUNG smartphone + battery pack (ceiling)

BRENT: 750/Kanishia: 845/Kristen: 800/John: 846

It’s $8…10- only Kristen will be doing the rolling in the DG for a Volkswagen Golf S (Std., FAK, Prot)(G).


SCSD #1:
Teddy ($2,770): 20 + 90
Naquita ($18,741): .95
Kristen ($23,164): DIME X4

7. Susan Hayes
IUFB #4: Outdoor bar + Margaritaville (G at RS)

Brent: 1700/Kanishia: 850/SUSAN: 1350/John: 1501

Price: $1,…639- John, prove this PG’s Eazy Az 1-2-3.
(1): MacBook Pro + EPSON printer (G)- $3099
(2): COACH handbags (R)- $4305
(3): Honda CRF-150R (both)- $5099

8. Jessica Harrison
IUFB #5: Aquaswiss watches (R in CR)

Brent: 1100/Kanishia: 1210/Susan: 951/JESSICA: 950

In actuality, they are: $2,025- Kanishia plays F-F for the BODYCRAFT gym, the NordicTrack treadmill & a Panasonic curved 65″ HDTV.
G: FLIPS (9787)- L

FINAL PLAYER: Maddison Harris
FINAL IUFB: LG range + Chantal cookware (G at #5)

Brent: 1501/MADDISON: 1250/Susan: 1205/Jessica: 1.5K

Total ARP: $2,899- Brent can win car washes for a yr. (R), gas for a yr. (R) &/or the ’17 maZDa3 at Drew’s game, RR.

Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice: $1.5GREEN
Sunbeam ceramic 1600W iron: $45 ($60)
Breville juicer: $200 ($150)- BLUE

P: 4TH

SCSD #2:
Wilmer ($73,596): $10K = $83,596
Kanishia: 35 + 40 = T.Q.
John ($14,142): 70 + 65
Brent ($24,031): T.Q.

Kanishia: .4
Brent: T.Q.

In front of CR- GIOVACCI sunglasses (G in front of CR)
#4- 5n at Churchill Manor in Napa
#2- Sun Tracker


R of #1- 5n at National Hotel Miami Beach
#1- Theater rm. (G)
#3- ’17 Chevrolet Camaro LT (Std., AA)($28,272)

BID ON TRIP/FASTBACK SHOWCASE: $35,300 (ARP: $45,828) = $69,859 (& yes, they did replace that party boat w/ that maZDa3, even if they didn’t have the time to show it off again)

Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 2/21/17" (2)

  1. A Much Better Show. 4 Games won with Both Car Games being won, Wilmer Valderrama shattered Nene Leakes Record with $83,596 thanks to landing on the $1, and Brent won 2 Cars thanks to him winning his $45K showcase.

    My Rating: 9 (Due to All Cars being won and Wilmer Valderrama eclipsed Nene Leakes Record)

  2. Ismael Gomez said:

    That was a good show today.
    Grade: A+

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