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Deal #1:
Jasmine: $1K (#3)- VG rm.
Elizabeth: $3K (TREASURE CHEST)- Trip to Angsana (SE)

Gauntlet: Karen
GB: Gulati jewelry ($2,277)
BB: Trip to Smugglers’ Notch- ENDED DEAL
BB- PD (wind-up car)

3oaK: Arnina (black belt)
C (#1): Honda Civic
P: #3, #1 & #5
STJ (BB): Luxury spa day pkg.- WIPEOUT

Row #1: 4♥, Q♠ & Q♣
Row #2: 4♦, 4♣ & Q♥

Luke’s FD D: BB- BBQ pkg. (Hugo Boss wallet worth $175- $5K.00)
Kristen’s Debate FD D (gold nugget): GP- $3.5K (GB: La Casa del Camino WG/#3: Laundry hamper)

PD #2

0 to 80: Melisa
C: Dodge Dart SE
D: (20), (30), (20) &…(10)- PD #3

BoA (2000): Omar
“The Fast and the Furious”: AFTER
“Spice World”: BEFORE
“Seabiscuit”: AFTER
FD (#3): WALKED- YAMAHA WaveRunner

BD (Kristen):
SD (#1): $3,261
MD (#2): Arte Fina L.R.- X
BD (#3): Trip to Santo Domingo & European cruise

$500 QD (Sherylin): Seashell (T)- $

Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 2/9/17" (1)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    A good show today. 0 to 80 win resulted to break a 20 car game losing streak and a medium deal win. What do you have to say, Ant0824?
    Grade: B-

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