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FF: Hector Trilleras, D’Juana Davis, Fred Parker & Jenna Galassi
IUFB #1: hp laptops (A in Clam)

HECTOR: 1.5K/FRED: 1600/D’JUANA: 1700/JENNA: 999

ARP: $1,…180- Jenna’s gonna need at least four tries to conquer this playing of Cu for the ’17 Volkswagen Jetta.


CBP: $20,923

L (G: $19,854 & $19,439)

5. Hung Nguyen
IUFB #2: Fat Cat flip game table (both at GPT)

Hector: 600/Fred: 1001/D’Juana: 1/HUNG: 975

Fred’s today’s ME hunter.
k.s. acc. (R): $2234- L
KitchenAid dishwasher (G): $1099

DOG ADOPTION PLUG OF THE DAY: Rocky (five-yr.-old poodle mix)(R in front of #3)
6. Stacie Smith
IUFB #3: FitBark activity monitors (A in CR)

Hector: 601/STACIE: 600/D’Juana: 950/Hung: 1025

Hector plays C-H for a Bodycraft all-in-one gym, a 65″ 4K HDTV, six months worth of Bodybuilding.com supplies & a Danby French-door beverage center. Total it up & it’s $10,878 worth.

Oster mini food chopper: $25- 5
Honeywell fan: $17- 18
West Bend can opener: $40- 24

SCSD #1:
Jenna: H-D + QUARTER = T.Q.
Fred: .9
Hector ($11,590): .95

7. Douglas Hunter (wearing Mr. Right shirt)
IUFB #4: Digital video camera/RICOH action camera pkg. (A)

DOUGLAS: 600/Stacie: 800/D’Juana: 1K/Hung: 601

D’Juana’s got ’em, correct? Incorrect- she was over by $30, so Stacie plays SP for a trip to the Hotel Mediteran Ulcinj in Montenegro (#4).
B: 106172

8. Jamie Walsh
IUFB #5: Cuisinart appliances + rolling wood cart (R at RS)

Douglas: 752/JAMIE: 750/D’Juana: 600/Hung: 751

Total: $1,424- Douglas will try to make reasonable-enough rolls in the DG on the ’17 Honda Civic (Std., Mats, Mirror, AA, Wireless Phone Charger).

(-)(1)(6)(5)(-)- W

FINAL PLAYER: Dolores Kowalczuk (Canadian)
FINAL IUFB: Apple iPhone7 Plus + one-yr. plan (ceiling)

DELORES: 1700/Jamie: 1600/D’Juana: 1200/Hung: 1701

It retails for: $1,…589- D’Juana’s on the TiM watch.
I: Holloway House Quick Shine, Vita CoCo pure coconut water w/ pineapple (500mL carton), Hampton Farms jumbo salted roasted peanuts, Johnson + Johnson BAND-AID Hurt-Free first aid antiseptic pain-relieving liquid & JELL-O Sugar Free orange

$0-2.99: JELL-O & Vita CoCo
$3-5.99: Peanuts & BAND-AID antiseptic
$6+: Quick Shine- BULLSEYE!!! (a $20K graphic in the PtR font appeared this time; the first time there was a full win in this PG, on my 29th birthday, instead of a win graphic, the door lights blinked green)(Vita CoCo carton: $2.49/Peanuts: $3.49/BAND-AID antiseptic: $3.99)

SCSD #2:
Stacie ($11,642): 30 X2 = .6
D’Juana ($21,589): T.Q.
Douglas ($23,079): $1K (BS: .45)

#1- Dean Guitar (A), 8pc ddrum set (R) & 5n at Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens (both)
#2- Sun Tracker PB18 (R)


L of #3- 4n at Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa (A)
Podium- David Yurman jewelry (R)
I- Jeep Patriot X Latitude (Std., Prot)($23,793)


VB: Today’s Highlights


Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 2/1/17" (3)

  1. actually, second Tim perfect won(other one is 1/26/2015).

  2. Better show resulting in a perfect second half and better showcase win.

    My rating: 8

  3. Ismael Gomez said:

    Good win on Time is Money
    Grade: A-

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