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FF: Patrick Hogan, Jacqueline Jones, Melvin Salodino & Maylin Gonzalez
IUFB #1: lenovo laptop + Cole Hahn bag (A in Clam)


ARP: $1,…090- Maylin plays Pushover for a Harley-Davidson Street 500 (R at #2).
NL: 859371442
G: 9371- TTM (ARP: $7144)

5. Joan Sullivan
IUFB #2: 4prs Friends headphones & two Apple iPod Nanos + four caps (both)

Patrick: 525/Jacqueline: 950/Melvin: 751/JOAN: 750

Jacqueline has to shop at the IitB market.
I: Thomas 100% whole wheat bagels, Rojo’s salsa, BAUSCH + LOMB Bio true lens solution, Yoplait lactose-free peach, 40 PG tips pyramid black teabags & Wacky Mac

$1K (70¢): Yoplait
$2K ($14.99): Lens solution
$4K ($1.99): Wacky Mac
$8K ($5.99): Black teaSTOPS
$16K ($3.99): Bagels

6. Elenie Stavropolous
IUFB #3: k.s. shoes (A at #5)

Patrick: 1505/ELENIE: 1250/Melvin: 1325/Joan: 1501

Those might be for Patrick’s lady, but this will be for him if he wins it- the KIA Forte (Std., RBA, Mats, Etch, Mat) playing L$. For today only, Rachel gets out & stands next to him.
2nd: 7- $5 LEFT (9)
3rd: 6- $2 LEFT (3)
4th: 2- $1 LEFT (3)
5th: 0’s OUT (8)

SCSD #1:
Maylin: 35 + 95
Patrick: 40 + 60 = $1K (BS: H-D)
Jacqueline ($9,208): DOUBLE 35s

7. Collin Klassern (Canadian)
IUFB #4: Hamilton Beach appliances (R at GPT)

COLLIN: 420/Elenie: 550/Melvin: 678/Joan: 900

Collin lucks out & plays SP for a SAMSUNG kitchen.
B: 120596

8. Evelyn Hilliard
IUFB #5: M.K. watches (A in CR)

EVELYN: 700/Elenie: 1298/Melvin: 1050/Joan: 800

By being 50 bucks off, Evelyn keeps the red podium’s win streak alive & plays M# for a brenter snowbike (R) & a trip to the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel.
M#: 1510- L BY $40 (Ski trip: $4045)

FINAL IUFB: Viper air hockey table (both at SS)

LISA: 750/Elenie: 600/Melvin: 1100/Joan: 751

Melvin nails that for a bonus & talking about “bonus”, he’ll play that Bonus Game for the Nissan Sentra (R).
BLACK + DECKER air station ($110): L (——)
CRAFTSMAN 10amp polisher ($59): H ($80)(——)
ReadyVac ($49): L (——)
Wagan Tech cooler/warmer ($75): H ($130)(BONUS!)

(Note: Sears just sold CRAFTSMAN to BLACK + DECKER.)

SCSD #2:
Collin: 30 + 20 = H-D
Evelyn: .6
Melvin ($19,521): 55 + 70

In front of #1- 5n at The Cape Codder (A)
In front of #2- IBEROSTAR Cozumel (R)
#3- Lyric Hotel (A)

BID ON TRIPCASE: $25K (ARP: $24,382)

#1- Firetainment seating group, zuo outdoor furn., wood bar set & 46″ SunBriteTV (R)
#2- ’17 Chevrolet Spark (Std., AA)($14,488)

BID ON OUTDOORS SHOWCASE: $21,345- W (ARP: $29,270)


Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 1/9/17" (3)

  1. Pricing Games slumping again. 2 games won for the 5th time. Car win saves disaster and 2 fuckin losers made it to the showcase.

    My rating: 7

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      I already said you’re supposed to go overbid to one of the contestants.
      Grade: C

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