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FF: Anna Geisslinger, Tamara Henderson, Yaakov Kessler & Susan Schrader
IUFB #1: KHS MILANO bicycle pkg. (M)

ANNA: 1100/TAMARA: 1.5K/YAAKOV: 850/SUSAN: 1101

Yaakov can add $20K & an $11,254 BikeTour of Italy (#4) playing C-H.
Schwinn EZ CONNECT pump: $35- 10
S’well 17oz stainless steel water bottle: $28- 17
Countertop pizza cooker: 45- 22 ($50)

5. Milton Goldstein
IUFB #2: amazon kindles + covers (G in Clam)

Anna: 250/Tamara: 850/MILTON: 550/Susan: 450

Milton could next have either the 4prs M.J. shades (L of #2) or Chevrolet Trax playing an.

5: M.J. (_5_)
3: CHEVY (2__3_)
7: M.J. (75_)
6: P.B. (6.__)
2: P.B. (6.2_)
8: CHEVY (2_83_)
1: CHEVY (2183_)

6. Nichole Reiner (Navy)
IUFB #3: Shuffleboard table last seen on 12/16 (both at GPT)

Anna: 1750/Tamara: 1/NICHOLE: 1.5K/Susan: 2150

That’s going in an office (M at #2) if Tamara wins SP.
B: 73196
R3 ($200 UNDER)

SCSD #1:
Milton ($756): 55 + 45 = $1K (BS: .95)
Tamara: 15 + DIME = QUARTER
Yaakov ($32,362): 90 + NICKEL = .95

7. Mark Smith (obviously NOT the UFC ref)
IUFB #4: Sonic NVX (both)

Anna: 1/MARK: 721/Nichole: 1200/Susan: 850

Hopefully Nichole can win the ’17 Mustang (M) offered the last time on TTM here.
RP: $23,891, $25,037, $26,203, $27,481

8. Lisa Collins
IUFB #5: Danby wine cellar & beverage centers (M at RS)

Anna: 2K/Mark: 1501/LISA: 1.5K/Susan: 1400

Anna CAN’T win $30K on the Grand Game now, but she’ll play it for its normal stakes nevertheless ($3).
I: Betty Crocker Julienne potatoes, Stubb’s Spicy Bar-B-Q sauce, Cold Brew Salted Caramel coffee drink, Libby’s pumpkin, mentos fruit & Brawny
P: mentos, Cold Brew, pumpkin (Stubb’s: $4.79)

FINAL IUFB: Microsoft XBOX ONE pkg. (G at SS)

TINA: 750/Mark: 1150/Lisa: 950/Susan: 1

Susan finally gets up because the rest of the gang overed (it was $659) to play SM for a Canon camera pkg. (M), the NAPOLEON Prestige + 14pc tools (Gwen), the NordicTrack treadmill (Gwen & George) & the curved SAMSUNG 65″ 4K HDTV (George).
G: NordicTrack T. (NAPOLEON Prestige pkg.: $2039)

SCSD #2:
Nichole: 65 + 35 = $1K (BS: DIME)
Anna ($2,298): NICKEL X6
Susan ($8,296): H-D + 55

#1- Tiki bar & hammock (G)
#2- Crystal Sauna for two & homewardbath steam shower
R of #2- Acajou Beach Resort trip


In front of CR- Prada shoes (M)
#4- Big Sky getaway
#3- KIA Rio



Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 1/4/17" (3)

  1. On track for worst week. No car win in Pricing games. 2 games won , 2 dollar spins and 2 motherfucking losers made it to the showcase.

    My rating: 2

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      That is why I said you’re both supposed to go overbid. The car pricing games is now on a 9-game losing streak and if we don’t get a car win tomorrow or Friday, we would get our first car game shutout of the season. What’s your grade, Ant0824?
      Grade: D-

      • If we do get a Car win in a Pricing game, the grade worsens and if we do not get at least 3 wins tomorrow, it will clinch the worst week.

        Grade: F

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