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William: SB- Trip to Oxygen JUNGLE VILLAS
Justine: #1- Kitchen
Sonia (taco): #3- Game rm.
Jessica (girl orig. from DET dressed as lifeguard): $1K (SE)- The opportunity to play 0 to 80


0 to 80: Erika Molina (Hawaiian)
C: KIA Soul
D: (S!), (10), (20) & OTHER STOPPER!

WTB: Charlene & Nicolas
SB: REJECTED- Elec. pkg.
Red GB: REJECTED- Z apple watches

Charlene: $1K
Nicolas: BIG BOX- 4n at Travassa Austin ($7,223)

Emilie’s FD D (bun in the oven): #3- IN MODE L.R. ($3,997)($1 BANKROLL = $46)
Sharon’s Song Battle FD D (gumball machine): #2- Luxury spa day + $2K NORDSTROM SS (SB: Jewelry = $1,912)

PD #2

WWTAMCQfCaP: Willie (birthday candle)

#1: What kind of car was the first one offered- Honda, Ford or KIA?

#2: What was the only Z seen so far- anti-aging cream, apple watches or gift cards?
DR: Apple watches

#3: How much was in the bankroll- $46, $550 or $50?
DR: $46

G.O. (#1: Nissan Versa Note/#2: Grass car)

DMaD: Kenneth & Carrie
FD: $2K (BIG BOX)- VESPA Sprint

BD (Justin):

SD (#2): Exercise pkg. ($3,338)- MIDDLES OUT
MD (#3): BULL island pkg. ($9,398)
BD (#1): Trip to Rosedon Hotel & FIAT 500 Pop

Tamara (HOU): Refrigerator magnet ($500)- $
Alexa: Spell OKLAHOMA backwards (T)- $


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 11/11/16" (1)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    This is a disappointed show today. No car win at all thanks to a pathetic play on 0 to 80 and a small deal win at the big deal.
    Grade: D-

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