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Adam: BIG BOX- T.B. acc.
Venita: $1K (SE)- Trip to Fortuna Beach
Jana (nanny & former police officer dressed as teddy bear): $1K(CHOCOLATE FONDUE) HOT TUB

CR: Justin (aviator) & Mary (NJ; married eight yrs.)(he’s a playwriter)
C (#3): Hyundai Accent

#1: $400
#8: $200
#13: $200
#5: $400
#15: $400
#7: $200
#12- SALE (after Wayne & Jonathan do that Bob torture reveal)(Remaining $400s: #9 & #11/N.S.’s: #2 & #10)

Good/Bad News D: Tanya (bee)
Rejected 1st: BIG BOX (what the clue was all about)- VG suite
FD: TB- Rabbit Hill Inn retreat ($5,987)(SE: “Dancing Pants”)

PD #2

DFEO: Linda (baker) & Tyler (server dressed as set P.A.)
R1: $800 (#1)- Office
R2: $800 (M-C)- $3K macy’s SS
FD (BLUE BOX): Tyler- WIPEOUT (cheese jewelry)

RttF: Woesha (Yale Chemistry student w/ Native American name)
#1: Grilling pkg.
#2: VESPA Sprint
#3: Honda Civic
D: A♠, 7♥, K♠, 2♠, 4♥, 9♠, 5♣, J♣, 5♦, 5♥, 2♣- GONE

Clinton’s FD D: SB- SAMSUNG elec. pkg.

BD (Tanya):

SD (#1): Camping gear
MD (#2): Bedroom- MIDDLES OUT
BD (#3): Trips to D.C. & South Pacific + $6K

Kevin: Knowing seven hats were on his head ($200)- $
Sandy (she & Wayne share a birthday; her son played about 30 yrs. ago): Three paper clips clipped together ($500)(T)- $ (she received a $100 bonus as well)

Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 11/1/16" (1)

  1. Okay show, but a medium deal won.
    Grade: B

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