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30 Marbles: 30 marbles are in a grab bag- 29 are white & the other one’s blue. A white pays $1K if kept, but keeping the blue wins $30K.
Tyler (lady): MARBLE- JUST MISSED IT (#2: Dining rm. = $5,645)
Joni: BIG BOX- Caribe Hilton SAN JUAN WG + eagle creek luggage ($6,107)

CP: Elizabeth (panda)
C: maZDa3 Sdn

C: “The Price is Right”, “Let’s Make a Deal”, “Card Sharks” & “The Dating Game”
Q: GSs that have been on CBS Daytime in the past three decades
G: “Price”, “Deal” & “The Dating Game”
RSOUTH (:12)

“Sheryl Underwood Sounds Like a…”: Roy (Univ. of Southern CA Broadcast Journalism student dressed as bee)
CAT- $

BEAR (written by Chris Ahern on the fly on a cue card)- BEAR
FD: SE- One-wk. ski trip to France ($8,795)


Deal #4: Ceofia (ER nurse)
Rejected 1st: $100 BANKROLL = $2200
Rejected 2nd: #1 (“THE TALK”)- Elec. suite ($5,200)
Rejected 3rd: SB (“THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL”)- Gold drop earrings ($4,360)
Rejected 4th: #3 (“THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS”)- Henry Howard Hotel WG + $3K ($6,024)
Rejected Last: SE (HANS)- Swiss Cheese Alps

TB: Nina (boombox)
P (#2): Ford Focus SE (Std., Sensors)($20,740)
SA: # of times PL!NKO has been played on “Price” over the past three decades, # of times DOOR #3’s been chosen, total # of Emmy noms for “The Young & The Restless” over the past three decades & total # of weddings feat. on all CBS Daytime dramas over the last three decades
G: P! playings
Base Items in the STJ (SB): SONY cameras ($3.5K)

Weddings– 400
“Young and the Restless” Emmy noms (my pick)- 459
DOOR #3 choices– 497
P! playings (was offered $3K in addition to those cameras)- 967

Shirley’s Song Battle FD D (retired after 42 yrs.): BIG BOX (Wayne)- Motorcycle vacuum (TB: 4n at The Pines RESORT = $4,300)

BD (Joni):

SD (#3): Trader Boys office ($3,047)
MD (#2): YAMAHA WaveRunner ($7,899)- MIDDLES OUT
BD (#1): Buick Encore ($25,385) + $4,615

SOLE AIRED QD (Kevin): Jonathan & assoc. producer Pat or Wayne w/ bird appears on Instagram ($300)- WAYNE W/ BIRD

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