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H1: Team KO (Bethany Marshall, Andres Encinales, also in the Navy, Zac Allen, Jessica Burton-Carter & their captain) v. Comeback Kids v. Married With Children
R-U- Team KO

Cornhuskers: Matt “Bear” Novakovich (he got his nickname by killing a 500-lb. grizzly during a hiking expedition), Robert “Shirtless Bob” Borer (fire cpt.), Bonnie Davis, Dallas Leonard & their cpt.
Love & Basketball (Clifton Park, NY): Linda Larson (development mgr.), Melissa Manzer (gym owner), Jared Manzer (youth counselor, former college football player & Melissa’s brother), Brendan Rabadi (marketing consultant & former soccer player) & their cpt.
Family Jules: Julie Fults (financial mgmt. consultant), Fabian Lindner (security analyst), Joel Burrows (Julie’s personal trainer), Candace Appleton-Kuntz (dir. of technology) & Ryan Kent

CK: Lynnae Kettler (had divorce), Matt Campione (had drug addiction), Ian Deyerle (alcoholism), Laura Messner (singer who had eating disorder) & Beni Gifford (depression)

W- CK W/ NEW RECORD OF 20:19.05 (Prev. Mark: 20:34.32)


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